Parking up near Aldeburgh Martello Tower.

Fencing around the 'Cobra Mist' building. 

The desolate landscape of Orford Ness.

Walking towards the abandoned lighthouse.

Orford Ness is part of the UK's National Trust. Surrounded by water it is normally only accessible by a small ferry or by walking approximately 3 miles along the shingle shore line of Aldeburgh. Orford Ness is one of the most dynamic landforms on the UK coast line and the largest vegetated shingle spit in Europe. A large proportion of the world's rare coastal vegetated shingle is found here, which together with the marshland provides important habitats for a range of bird species, mammals and invertebrates. The ness is also home to atomic bomb testing, secret military experimentation and the first use of radar between 1935 and 1953.

Aldeburgh sun rise.

Marsh land near the tower. 

It was cold!

Interesting landscape. 

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